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APE Malaysia

Upcycled dog and cat toys supporting biodiversity conservation and endangered species rehabilitation from APE Malaysia. We are the official Australian distributor for APE Malaysia.

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Craft Link

Fair Trade (WFTO guaranteed) and handcrafted homewares, bags and toys from Craft Link - made by Hmong artisans from the western mountain ranges of Viet Nam.

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Beautiful ethically handmade crochet soft toys by HATRA (Viet Nam). We are the official Australian distributor for HATRA.

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I am Upcycled

Upcycled wood inspirational signs/hangings and upcycled paper gift bags made in Sri Lanka by the artisans at I am Upcycled - a social enterprise promoting sustainability.

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Kathmandu Yogi

Ethically handmade malas, mala bracelets, meditation cushions, yoga bags, prayer chimes, singing bowls and traditional herbal incense handmade in Nepal following the 10
Fair Trade Principles We are the official Australian distributor for Kathmandu Yogi.

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Mereville Trust

Available soon - Handmade
and Fair Trade (WFTO guaranteed) incense sticks and accessories from Mereville Trust (Auroville, India).

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Pink Elephant Toys

Ethically handmade, ecofriendly natural latex rubber toys, by Pink Elephant Toys (Sri Lanka). We are the official Australian distributor for Pink Elephant Toys.

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Sari Connection

AVAILABLE SOON - Upcycled and ethically handmade Sari bags and fashion accessories supporting marginalised communities in northern Sri Lanka.

Who We Are

Ethical Wholesale Australia is a Sydney based importer and wholesaler of ethical brands and artisan goods from around the world. We supply Fair Trade, ecofriendly, organic and handmade items, wholesaling them to Australian retailers, big and small. We focus on bags, homewares, toys, incense and burners, handicrafts, and meditation and yoga accessories.

We are the exclusive Australian wholesaler of several brands including Kathmandu Yogi (USA/Nepal), HATRA Toys (Viet Nam), Nanobag (Hong Kong), APE Malaysia (Malaysia) and Pink Elephant Toys (Sri Lanka).

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