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Bamboo Bowl Eggshell Decorated - Extra Large Salad Bowl

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A stunning and unique addition to any home! Perfect as a fruit or salad bowl. Beautifully handmade from sustainably grown bamboo by Hmong artisans living in villages in the mountain range of western Viet Nam. Decorated in duck eggshell which has been collected both cruelty free and sustainably. These bowls are food safe, Fair Trade made, sustainably produced and ecofriendly. Thoroughly unique bowls which keep traditional skills alive, blending them with modern styling, and resulting in a beautiful, quality and ethically made homeware range.

Dimensions: diameter about 33.5cm, height about 10cm.

As these are individually handcrafted products there may be slight differences in size. Expect variation in eggshell decorative pattern, colour and finish.